MISS EROTICA FINALISTS ANNOUNCED (Vote here & win tickets to Erotica!)

Woohoo! We are proud to announce our 2 Miss Erotica Expo FINALISTS.

Samm & Jackel!

These girls have put in a MINT effort over the past few weeks and submitted some pretty hilarious challenges, which you can see if you scroll down… No Bunnings near Samm is safe! And I’m pretty sure Jackel’s apartment has never seen such magificently crude Erotica Expo themed signage!

Time for a Challenge recap!



Challenge 1 – LIVE!

Challenge 2 – LIVE!

Challenge 3 – LIVE!



Challenge 1 – LIVE!

Challenge 2 – LIVE!

Challenge 3 – LIVE!


So where to from here/WIN TICKETS!

The girls need your votes for the next part! 40% of who wins depends on who YOU think did the best in each challenge. If you tell us, we’ll reward you with prizes!

All you have to leave a comment on this post, on our Facebook wall or on Twitter telling us who you think did the best in the challenges.

Post your comment like this, filling in who you think was the best at each challenge – ‘Challenge 1 – ?, Challenge 2 – ?, Challenge 3 – ?’.

There are 3 double passes to Erotica up for grabs for those who vote. (You can enter once on each medium). For the record, Jackel’s Challenge 1 & 3 are combined into the 1 video as it encompasses both.

This challenge will run until Thursday night 10th May, when we’ll random draw out 2 names who’ll each win a double pass each to the Erotica Expo (11-13 May).


Make sure you vote! More info to come soon!

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Jackel – Challenge 2

Jackel only just scraped in with her final challenge at the 11th hour last night! Check it out!

Miss & Mr Erotica Expo Canberra finalists announced at 3pm today.

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Samm – Challenge 2

Challenge 2 is all about creatively spreading the word about the Erotica Expo. Contestant Samm Rosee has shown commendable dedication by plastering Bunnings with signage at 4am on a Saturday and also putting a giant banner on a highway!

Watch her attempts below – highly entertaining!

What do you think? Think Samm’s got what it takes to be Canberra’s 2012 Miss Erotica Expo? Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page!

Check out Samm’s profile & other challenges here!

Samm – Challenge 3

Check out this picture of Samm cheekily spreading the word about the Erotica Expo. What a great technique! Lucky she didn’t cause any accidents! (Or did she?!)

What do you think? Think Samm’s got what it takes to be Canberra’s 2012 Miss Erotica Expo? Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page!

Check out Samm’s profile here.

2 mins with NZ’s 2011 Miss Erotica

Hello contestants and Erotica fans! Check out the video below… we shot it last week with Audrey Tan (Miss Erotica 2011 for New Zealand), who tells us what it’s been like since being crowned, as well as dishing out some helpful advice for those who have or are thinking about entering the Miss & Mr Erotica Expo competition.


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Comp Update!

Alrighty! We’ve now got 5 contestants in our competition! (No guys yet, unfortunately.. but with our advertising about to begin in The Chronicle, we’re sure it’ll pick up!). ANYWAY, meet our 2 latest contestants!


Check out Lydia’s bio here.



Check out Angelina’s bio here.



Check out Samm’s bio here.


With 3 weeks to go in the competition, it is undoubtedly about to get exciting. We’re expecting new contestants.. and our current contestants to complete their 3 challenges!

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And We’re Off!

The Canberra 2012 Miss & Mr Erotica Competition is officially OPEN!

So far we’ve got 2 registrations, Jackel & Anastasia and although they’re both from NSW, they’re willing to travel to win the prize.

Anastasia –

Jackel –

Subscribe to this site for updates of new contestants as they come, as well as checking out the current contestants challenge videos! In the next week or so, we’ll also be surprising you with a few videos of past and present Miss Eroticas, who’ll be able to share a bit of knowledge with you all.

Don’t forget we’re looking for a MR Erotica as well! And yes, couples CAN apply!

It’s not too late to enter! Read the FAQ’s here and register today here!